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Welcome to AYIN International, Inc. a certified Identity Manager (IM) component member and innovators of:

"Notaries Public are needed on the Internet, and Notaries Public are needed on the Internet NOW!"--

J. Andrew Hatter
Founder & President
AYIN International, Inc.

You Are My Witness is the 21st century solution for real time remote Form I-9 processing since 2010. Developed for contingent staffing services, employers, and remote hires challenged with timeliness, compliance, 

and payroll conversions. Employers Sign Up Now! 

PERSONA TRUST™ Supervised Remote In-Person Identity Proofing solution. Surescripts certified. Surescript EHR/EMR Sign Up Now!

AYIN Online Notary: patented remote online Notary (RON) Deep machine learning solution. All sectors are supported, including but not limited to,Title / Mortgage, e-Wills, Digital Banking, Legal, Healthcare, Expected 1.0 2020 release!