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Welcome to AYIN International, Inc. a certified Identity Manager (IM) component member and innovators of:

"Notaries Public are needed on the Internet, and Notaries Public are needed on the Internet NOW!"--

J. Andrew Hatter
Founder & President
AYIN International, Inc.


You Are My Witness is the 21st century solution for real time remote Form I-9 processing since 2010. Developed for contingent staffing services, employers, and remote hires challenged with timeliness, compliance, 

and payroll conversions.

PERSONA TRUST™ Supervised Remote In-Person Identity Proofing solution. Surescripts certified. Learn More.

Notary Live! is the only patented online remote electronic notarization solution. All sectors are supported including Real Estate, Banking, Legal, Corporate, Healthcare, Construction, Travel, E-Apostilles, Government. Coming Soon!